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@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ environment:
PLUGIN_INCLUDE: (egrep like pattern matching)
PLUGIN_CHMOD: true | false (default true)
PLUGIN_CLEAN_DIR: true | false (default false)
PLUGIN_ONLY_NEWER: true | false (default false)
PLUGIN_AUTO_CONFIRM: true | false (default false)
PLUGIN_SSH_ACCEPT_RSA: true | false (default false)
PLUGIN_PRE_ACTION: string (default empty)
@ -44,7 +45,7 @@ The `PLUGIN_PRE_ACTION` is executed *before* the `PLUGIN_CLEAN_DIR` (if set).
The `PLUGIN_POST_ACTION` is executed *after* the ftp "mirror" operation.
Multiple Actions can be set, they need to be divided by a semicolon `;` .
#### Example:
There is another project's folder ("project2") in a subfolder in the destination directory. We need to move this folder to a temporary location and restore it after the upload completed.
@ -52,6 +53,15 @@ PLUGIN_PRE_ACTION: mv /dest/project2 /temp/project2;
PLUGIN_POST_ACTION: mv /temp/project2 /dest/project2;
### Transfer only newer files
The setting `PLUGIN_ONLY_NEWER: true` (only transfer newer files) does not mix well with the `PLUGIN_CLEAN_DIR: true` (clean destination directory before transfer).
When setting `PLUGIN_ONLY_NEWER: true` parameter to true, make sure to _exclude_ any files/folders that are not present in the source directory, but should be kept on the server.
#### Example:
Source folder does not contain an `.env` file, it exists on the remote server and should be kept.
Also, we do not want to transfer the source's `.git` folder and `.gitignore` file:
Set `PLUGIN_ONLY_NEWER: true` and `PLUGIN_EXCLUDE: ^\.git/$,^\.gitignore$,^\.env$` environment variables.
## Full file example