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Project Description Owner Last Change
conf.git Nemunaire's configuration... 2 years ago
emacs.git Nemunaire's emacs configuration 21 months ago
playbooks.git Ansible playbooks for servers... 4 years ago
scripts.git Nemunaire's ordinary scripts 11 months ago
overlays/nemunaire.git My personal Gentoo portage... 12 hours ago
overlays/odroid-c1.git Gentoo portage overlay for... 12 months ago
lectures/adlin.git TP sources for the Epita ADLIN... 10 months ago
lectures/peret.git Peret checks PGP signed mails... nemunaire+peret... 3 months ago
lectures/shemu.git When harvest comes, Shemu... nemunaire+shemu... 4 months ago
lectures/virli.git Slides, TP and rush subject... 2 months ago
nemubot.git An extremely modulable IRC... 2 weeks ago
nemubot/askweb.git A web interface for the MCQ... 2 years ago
Various projects
CV.git My Curriculum vitæ 12 months ago
bellis.git Bellis is a powerful indexing... 4 years ago
courses.git 3 years ago
eurocollec.git eurocollec is a web app to... 8 hours ago
eyespot-python.git Python module to test SSL... 4 years ago
eyespot.git A security testsuite for expos... 3 years ago
fic/server.git Submission server/infrastructu... 34 hours ago
forks/iothera.git Forked from https://github... 4 years ago
forks/minible.git My working fork from https... 14 months ago
forks/smstats.git Official fork from https:... 6 years ago
musik.git YouTube music downloader 4 years ago
nemhugo.git Hugo theme for 8 months ago Sources of the 8 months ago
ohsnap.git Snapchat clone using email 8 months ago
pa4home.git Pommultimedia 4 Application... 4 years ago
paste_manager.git A simple free paste manager... 6 years ago
pizza.git Web interface to choose pizza... 6 years ago
procmailrc.git procmailrc manager 6 years ago
ratp-pwa.git This is a sample Progressive... 8 months ago
reveil.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 months ago
youp0m.git Display a daily cute picture 4 months ago
Épita lectures
epita/cours_ing1.git Nemunaire's ING1 lecture notes 4 years ago
epita/cours_spe.git Nemunaire's Spé lecture notes No commits
epita/moulinette.git Nemunaire's C standard moulette 7 years ago
internship_novaquark.git Nemunaire's report, slides... 4 years ago