backend: new option --skipInitialGeneration to skip the full static files regeneratio...
[fic/server.git] / backend / main.go
2018-12-09 Pierre-Olivier Mercierbackend: new option --skipInitialGeneration to skip...
2018-12-09 Pierre-Olivier Mercierimplement choices_cost
2018-05-11 nemunaireIntroducing new PKI management
2018-05-11 nemunaireRemove team's initial_name, replaced by their ID
2018-05-11 nemunairebackend: Don't watch symlinks nor temporary directories
2018-01-18 nemunairebackend: add debug logs
2018-01-18 nemunairefrontend: team registration
2018-01-17 nemunaireDefine global default value at initialisation
2018-01-17 nemunairebackend: detect non-atomic file operation to look at...
2018-01-17 nemunairebackend: new parameter to debug inotify
2018-01-17 nemunairebackend: prefer watching Create event
2018-01-17 nemunairebackend: don't watch inotification under .tmp
2018-01-17 nemunaireMove settings and started file into SETTINGS directory
2018-01-17 nemunaireGenerate DNS from env
2018-01-17 Pierre-Olivier Mercierbackend: simplify condition
2018-01-17 nemunaireadmin: can force page regeneration
2018-01-17 Pierre-Olivier Mercierbackend: don't regenerate files if config doesn't change
2018-01-17 nemunaireSettings are now given through TEAMS/settings.json...
2018-01-17 Pierre-Olivier Mercierbackend: log generation errors
2018-01-17 nemunairebackend: can open hint
2018-01-17 Pierre-Olivier MercierPartial resolution of exercices
2018-01-17 nemunairebackend: use fsnotify instead of the deprecated inotify
2017-11-25 Pierre-Olivier Mercierbackend: new option that unlock all challenges
2017-11-25 Pierre-Olivier Mercieradmin: add ability to add files from local storage
2017-04-04 Pierre-Olivier MercierAdd a logger prefix
2016-10-13 nemunairelog.Fatal already do Exit(1)
2016-10-13 nemunaireBackend: handle registration
2016-10-13 nemunaireBackend: start by generating files for all teams
2016-10-13 nemunaireExpect full downloadable file pathname (allow CDN)
2016-01-23 nemunaireUse MySQL instead of SQLite
2016-01-23 nemunairebackend: treat file found in directory discovered ...
2016-01-19 nemunaireDon't fail if a file is created in an invalid directory
2016-01-19 nemunaireRun goroutine to check each submission
2016-01-19 nemunairewip backend