Peret checks PGP signed mails and extract submissions
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from datetime import datetime, timezone
from test import MailTest
def check(cnt, hard_max_submission_date, soft_max_submission_date=None):
if soft_max_submission_date is None:
soft_max_submission_date = hard_max_submission_date
soft_max_submission_date = min(soft_max_submission_date, hard_max_submission_date)
now =
yield MailTest("We are %s, submission permitted until %s" % (now.strftime("%c"), soft_max_submission_date.strftime("%c")), -1)
if now > soft_max_submission_date:
discard = now > hard_max_submission_date
yield MailTest("Submissions have been closed since %s minute(s)" % int((now - soft_max_submission_date).total_seconds()/60), 1 if discard else 2)
if discard:
yield cnt