35 Commits (da10a7bc26cc3d47a1eef7cd87b525411421061b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
nemunaire da10a7bc26 If a file /submission/.sh is present, run it as a tests suite 8 months ago
nemunaire a52c756159 When encode is not possible, assume it's already bytes, so return it raw with a warning 8 months ago
nemunaire 8f7d6e79c5 Sometimes gpgmail fails, so let the legacy code handle the message 8 months ago
nemunaire d13d93c39c Introducing gnupg_mail to parse mail 8 months ago
nemunaire efa4cb6824 Change From addr regarding context 8 months ago
nemunaire 19e1111e6c Add windows hack 8 months ago
nemunaire b84022ef70 Fix error reporting 8 months ago
nemunaire 6036099b13 Handle non-armored signature 8 months ago
nemunaire 5d2d4ff451 Handle long keyid 8 months ago
nemunaire 7002341583 ngkeyid 8 months ago
nemunaire 2d5c4503ef Refactor signature checking 8 months ago
nemunaire e5eb0795f2 New argument to refresh keyring on demand 2 years ago
nemunaire 65fb49d080 Dealing with application/x- and without x- 2 years ago
nemunaire e6e622df94 Fix content detection with libmagic when dealing with stdin... prefers using a dedicated file 2 years ago
nemunaire f2cac09f6f Fix a problem when dealing with huge files: file cmd responds before all the content has been writed 4 years ago
nemunaire e68cdc1108 Try to handle binary signature 4 years ago
nemunaire fd1a397c14 Fix compatibility with multiline MIME encoded header 4 years ago
nemunaire 4df7393069 envelope: test first for old style PGP, as this kind of message also contains 'BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE' matched earlier instead 4 years ago
nemunaire 64be054961 New option to skip public key discovery in attachments 4 years ago
nemunaire 9f3c814469 Generelize this checker: it's no more used only for virli 4 years ago
nemunaire 2e05a9f7fe Display submission name 5 years ago
nemunaire e02dc2169d ortograph 5 years ago
nemunaire 626353a02d Don't fail on non-utf-8 chars 5 years ago
nemunaire 4d9ac08a89 New option to review mail to be send 5 years ago
nemunaire f3ea2af897 application/octet-stream is not necessary pgp-signature 5 years ago
nemunaire 5d8a7ab834 Accept key discovery from WKD 5 years ago
nemunaire a3d06a545b Handle revoked keys 5 years ago
nemunaire 23e00436b2 Don't rely on MIME type to detect PGP BLOCKs 5 years ago
nemunaire 1d7241e3e3 As each year comes with a new CSV with different column order, place columns in variables 5 years ago
nemunaire d1a3188ed4 New option to skip max submission time test 5 years ago
nemunaire 3c44682cb8 Something change in the date format... 5 years ago
nemunaire fb18e25e90 Use STARTTLS to send mail 5 years ago
nemunaire b308fe4669 New option to impose a particular tarball hash 5 years ago
nemunaire 42409660a5 Project done with some hardcoded string 6 years ago
nemunaire 7e929f3a32 Initial commit 6 years ago