2015-01-23 NemunaireUse team 0 to display solutions FIC2015
2015-01-23 NémunaireCount solved exercices
2015-01-23 NémunaireAdd margins
2015-01-23 NémunaireFix deletion of submission in
2015-01-23 NémunaireGive good rights to submission directory on frontend...
2015-01-23 NémunaireFix timezone problem
2015-01-23 NémunaireOptimize backend Dockerfile to reduce building time
2015-01-23 NémunaireDon't SYNC when launching chrono, wait manual action
2015-01-23 NémunaireLobby at challenge end
2015-01-23 NémunaireError pages are now copied at frontend start
2015-01-23 NémunaireUse AJAX for generation status
2015-01-23 NémunaireDon't display so many useless string in prod
2015-01-23 NémunaireChange workdir on front
2015-01-23 NémunaireAdd new generation buttons
2015-01-23 NémunaireAdd a way to stop submission check, in case of huge...
2015-01-23 NémunaireDon't impose tail -f checks.log
2015-01-23 NémunaireOpen only one DB connection per PHP call
2015-01-23 NémunaireFix PKI dev generation
2015-01-23 NémunaireNew pages to control generation queue
2015-01-23 NémunaireRework pipe function
2015-01-23 NémunaireFix show command
2015-01-23 Némunairenew command: clear that clear the queue
2015-01-23 NémunaireRTEAMS now generate CRL
2015-01-23 NémunaireIn production, don't display PHP errors
2015-01-23 NémunaireReduce impact of bruteforce attack on solutions
2015-01-23 NémunaireAdd most in container for convinience
2015-01-23 NémunaireMerge launch and launch_local
2015-01-23 nemunaireSet right permissions to directories
2015-01-23 nemunaireSet right permissions to directories
2015-01-23 nemunaireUpdate TODO
2015-01-23 nemunaireUpdate PKI: CA is generated with raw dates
2015-01-23 nemunaireEscape admin import
2015-01-23 nemunaireFind a hang in MySQL in prod
2015-01-23 NémunaireUpdate guide.pdf
2015-01-23 nemunaireclient_x is now TeamX
2015-01-23 nemunaireFix dockerignore
2015-01-23 nemunaireVarious fixes
2015-01-23 nemunaireAllow admin part to modify openssl.cnf
2015-01-23 nemunaireIn prod, don't display synchro and generation logs
2015-01-23 nemunaireFix some pki/ to PKI/
2015-01-23 nemunaireChange default time
2015-01-23 requires bash
2015-01-23 nemunaireCA should be executable
2015-01-23 nemunaireAdd onyx/log on entrypoint
2015-01-23 nemunaireRemove UNIQUE constraint on nicknames
2015-01-23 nemunaireVarious fixes
2015-01-23 nemunaireCreate an entrypoint for pki_setup
2015-01-23 nemunaireAdd front_synchro container
2015-01-23 nemunaireEquilize
2015-01-23 nemunaireFill README about production PKI generation
2015-01-23 nemunaireCopy on USB key ca.der and ca.pem
2015-01-23 nemunaireGenerate DER certificate
2015-01-23 nemunairePKI production ready
2015-01-23 nemunaireCommit final compiled 2015 revision of guide
2015-01-23 nemunaireUpdate guide by Adrien
2015-01-23 nemunaireDisable IPv6 support
2015-01-23 nemunaireAdapt default threads number to new servers
2015-01-23 nemunaireFix erroneous ADD/COPY under some Docker version
2015-01-23 nemunaireAdd usb_maker script, by Romain & Thomas
2015-01-23 nemunaireGenerate dhparam in pki_setup container
2015-01-23 nemunaireAdd features to manager through socket...
2015-01-23 nemunaireCan precise a tempdir to to use another...
2015-01-23 nemunaireFix DEBUG
2015-01-23 nemunaireUpgrade Smarty
2015-01-23 nemunaireClean admin pages
2015-01-23 nemunaireRemove unreachable code
2015-01-23 nemunaireFix various paths (misc remove related)
2015-01-23 nemunaireMove teams.pass to a writable directory
2015-01-23 nemunaireClean functions.php
2015-01-23 nemunaireDEBUG mode now relies on config.xml
2015-01-23 nemunaireCleaner entrypoint
2015-01-23 Némunaire770 permissions for submission dir
2015-01-23 NémunaireDB schema compatible with newer MySQL version
2015-01-23 NémunaireNo need for mysql-server in backend Dockerfile
2015-01-23 nemunaireClean backend container
2015-01-23 nemunaireDon't overwrite environment variables
2015-01-23 nemunaireDockerfile for PKI
2015-01-23 nemunaireRemove misc directory
2015-01-23 nemunaireFill README with some steps for production env
2015-01-23 nemunaireExternalize DB creation
2015-01-23 nemunaireMove PKI scripts to pki directory
2015-01-23 nemunaireRename TOP_DIR to PKI_DIR
2015-01-23 nemunaireUse binary version of perl mcrypt module instead of...
2015-01-23 nemunaireNew Dockerfile that generate a Debian package for Mcryp...
2015-01-23 NémunaireVarious script fixes
2015-01-23 NémunaireFix socket communication
2015-01-23 NémunaireRemove first / when importing files
2015-01-23 NémunaireTiebreaker if tied
2015-01-23 nemunaireTeam isn't authenticated
2015-01-23 NemunaireUpdate TOTO
2015-01-20 NemunaireDS are very, VERY bad
2014-12-29 NemunaireUse team 0 to display solutions
2014-12-28 NemunaireFix some permission issues
2014-12-28 NemunaireFix PHP communication with socket
2014-12-14 NémunaireFix favicon display on front
2014-12-14 NémunaireSanitize Dockerfile
2014-12-14 nemunaireStore exercice title XML in DB
2014-12-13 Thomas JooleUpdate epita's logo
2014-12-12 Thomas JooleReplace a double to a simple quote
2014-11-23 nemunaireAdd communication with the scheduler (through socket)